Forthcoming Events

The two main events of the Cordiners’ Year are the Deacon’s Choosing Dinner in February and

the Box Opening in the early Summer.


Every Incorporation has its charter chest or BOX in which in former times the craft’s documents and funds were stored. For security, a box would have had at least two locks, the keys of which were kept by members of the Master Court. Nowadays, the Box is used to store mementos of each Deacon’s year in Office. The Annual Box Opening Supper is an informal event held in the Saloon and enlivened by the presence of many of our young prize-winners and apprentices. The date of the 2019 event will be announced shortly.
The Incorporation of Cordiners in Glasgow
Scottish Charity no: SC016220

The Deacon’s Choosing Dinner will take place in the Grand Hall on

Friday February 7th 2020 at 6.30 p.m. Tickets will be available shortly but please

note the date NOW!

Deacon’s Choosing Dinner 2018
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